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Staynex USP for Hotels & Resorts

Existing OTA Model


5-30% commissions to OTA
Hotels pay no commissions
Low profit margins for hotel
Higher profit margins for hotels
Hotel brand identity diminished
Hotel is connected directly to clients
Only room reservations as products
Leverage of Staynex Global partners
Loyalty programs only for big brands
Customized loyalty program

Staynex USP for Travellers

Existing OTA Model


Pay higher prices than they should
Pays the best prices in the market
False Discounts
A variety of products and hard to get experiences
Limited Payment Options
Multiple payment options
Lack of options other than hotel nights
Access to true discounts

Project Highlights & Achievements

With over 2.5 million hotels, resorts, and service apartments onboarded
2023 Miss Grand International Official Partner
20+ Top Tier partnerships across Web 2 & Web 3 with industry leaders like Gala, Scroll, Huawei and Arsenal FC
2023 Arsenal Official Partner
AIBC Most Innovative Project of the Year 2023
Huawei Ecosystem Partner


Meet the Team

Our passionate experts driving Staynex's innovation and growth.

Yuen Wong

Serial entrepreneur, founder of Staynex and LABS Group, managing partner in Bitmart, secured partnerships with Huawei, Tencent, Arsenal FC, former director in NSAV, advisor/investor in blockchain startups like Animoca and Cross the Ages, holds a Marketing Degree from RMIT University and an MBA from University of Louisville.

Frederick Fung

Key operational leader with extensive blockchain knowledge, former Head of Adoption at TZ APAC, led TZ APAC EGG Web3 Incubator, former Chairman of ACCESS, developed Singapore's first Diploma in Blockchain, and passionate about helping entrepreneurs.

Shailesh Kunnath

Blockchain advocate, co-founder of Masary Capital, investor in tech and sustainability startups like Wirex and Mintos, notable exits include Coinbase and Volcon ePowersports, aircraft engineer with expertise in aviation training programs.

Myrtle Anne

Marketing expert in blockchain and fintech, founder of Block Tides, former Co-Founder of a gamified metaverse, with 12 years of experience in tech, PR, and marketing, member of Forbes Business Council, Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, CoinMarketCap influencer, Draper University graduate.

Daniel To

Technical leader driving Staynex's technological innovations and overseeing all technical aspects.

Safeer Khan
Head of Product

Experienced web and mobile application developer with expertise in HTML5, CSS3, MongoDB, Sequelizejs, SQL, Nodejs, Expressjs, Angular 7, Ionic 3, Laravel, and Codeigniter; dedicated to leveraging his skills to drive Staynex’s platform innovations.

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Our Advisors

Directing Staynex with their exceptional knowledge and inspiring leadership.

Denzel Lee

Lead Advisor
CEO and President, expert in managing non-profit organizations, PR, and marketing, driving innovation at Staynex.

Chia Hock Lai

Advisor/SG Fintech Veteran
Co-founder of the Global Fintech Institute and former President of Singapore FinTech Association, offers strategic counsel.

Tommy Lai

Advisor/Ex GHM Hotels Group CEO
CEO of GHM, with 20+ years in finance, real estate, and hospitality, shaping Staynex's growth.

Ele Kwan

Advisor/Financial IPO Advisor
Provides strategic insights from his experience in the travel and technology industries.

Pratik Gauri

Founder & CEO of, visionary leader in social entrepreneurship, driving strategic initiatives.

Harpreet Singh

Tech Advisor
CEO and Co-Founder of Blocklime, a blockchain and DLT expert guiding Staynex's tech integration.

Our Results in Numbers

2.5 Million

Hotels, Service Apartments & Resorts Onboarded


Overall Social Media Following


Top Tier Partners

Your Web 3 Travel and Stay Membership Platform Passport to Boundless Travel Experiences

Growing Popularity of Subscription Services

Subscription-based models have proven successful in various industries (e.g., Netflix, Spotify) due to their affordability and convenience.

Rise of Emerging Technologies

The increasing adoption of emerging technologies suggests a growing market of tech-savvy users looking for platforms that integrate these elements.

Pain Points in the Traditional Travel Industry

Staynex's commission-free model addresses this issue, providing a compelling alternative for both accommodation providers and consumers.

Consumer Engagement with Innovative Offerings

The integration of Travel to Earn, Web3, and SocialFi elements creates a unique value proposition that can attract and retain consumers through gamified and incentivized travel experiences.

Every milestone achieved is a testament to strategic self-funding and now, we are evolving horizons, and embracing growth
Yuen Wong
CEO of Staynex


Find answers to commonly asked questions about Staynex and our services.

What is Staynex?

Staynex is a Travel and Stay membership platform that leverages emerging technologies to offer exclusive travel experiences, genuine discounts, and comprehensive loyalty programs. Our platform features various products such as membership subscriptions, JetSET Passes, and time and experience sharing.

What kind of loyalty programs does Staynex offer?

Staynex offers customized loyalty programs tailored to the needs of individual hotels, helping them build stronger relationships with their guests. For travelers, the loyalty programs provide genuine discounts, exclusive experiences, and comprehensive rewards, making their travel more rewarding and personalized.

What drives 2.5 million hotels, resorts, and service apartments to choose Staynex?

Staynex attracts a vast network of 2.5 million properties by offering a commission-free model, direct client connections, and innovative emerging technologies integration. These features enhance profitability, preserve brand identity, and provide unique, cutting-edge travel experiences. Additionally, customized loyalty programs help properties build stronger guest relationships, making Staynex the preferred choice in the hospitality industry.

What technologies underpin the Staynex platform?

Staynex leverages a range of advanced technologies, including customized blockchain solutions for data transparency and security, AI and machine learning for personalized travel suggestions, Protocols for decentralized financial activities, and robust data encryption tools to ensure user privacy and security. These technologies work together to create a seamless and innovative travel platform.

Who are the partners of Staynex?

Staynex has partnered with leading brands and organizations including Huawei, GALA, LABS Group, BitCrunch, Scroll, Xswipe, GEMS 3.0 Esports, and EMERGE. Additionally, our travel-to-earn partner is Yuliverse, and our tech partner is THXNET.

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